Caelus Partners


The future — the vast frontier of space — is here now before us

We can help you achieve a profitable future in the rapidly growing global space economy

Caelus Partners envisions a potential future where the safety and prosperity of all citizens on Earth and in space can become a realizable dream. To achieve this outcome, Caelus Partners aspires to build Community in Space™ that will allow the world’s nations and its peoples to establish newly viable, sustainable, and prosperous communities, business ventures, and scientific endeavors.

To achieve this vision, Caelus Partners solves complex, ambiguous problems related to the commercialization of space. We provide consulting, advising, and investing support. We serve all parties currently participating in the space economy as well as those who are not yet part of it but who want to explore the possibilities. We work around the world; across sectors (i.e., public, private, nonprofit) and industries (e.g., energy, healthcare, agriculture, finance); and with organizations ranging from startups to long-established industry leaders.

Our Community in Space™ vision guides all that we do; we invite you to learn more through our website and by connecting with us.